Common Problems and Solutions of HP Printers

We all know that HP is a big brand in the field of computer and computer accessories. There are various products of HP and HP is a leading brand of the printer as well. The printers also get several issues that we are going to discuss here and HP support number is here for the solutions of that issues.

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There are various amounts of printer companies in today’s world, some of them have a standalone business and some of the companies are having many other products range including a printer in their catalog. Now, HP is a company which is having a plethora of different computer products like laptops, desktops, monitors, business solutions, handheld devices, printers and etc. This company is a well-known organization for providing customers with exceptional computer devices and it has set its foot in the printer market also for quite some time, by introducing a huge variety of printing devices in its printer range of products. You can find the pricing for each and every product of the company in its official website and even can compare the products so that It becomes easy for you to choose a correct product required by you. Read along!

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Most common problems/errors of HP Printer

In this section, I am going to discuss some of the most common problems of the HP printer. If you have any problem or if you cannot find the problem or an issue among the problems listed here or you do not want to handle the problem on your printer yourself then contact the HP support assistant or you can go to the official company website to find an answer to the error.

  1. Carefully inspect the wires or cables of the printer.
  2. Examine the conditions of the ink cartridges.
  3. Remember to examine whether the software of the printer is correctly installed or not.
  4. Look for the error in the printer monitor or on the printer status in the operating system.

Solutions to the most common problems/issues of HP Printer

In this section of the article, I am going to give the solution to the problems or issues of the HP printers that are given above. I hope that this solution helps you to solve the problem if it happens to your printer. In the following, I am going to give the solutions to the above problems or issues in a concise any easy manner:-

  1. Carefully inspect the wires or cables of the printer – The main thing before you complain about the error to your printer to anyone is to first be sure that all the wires and cables are connected to your printer and your computer correctly. If you are unsure that the wires are plugged in correctly or not, then unplug them at first, then again plug the cables back in and turn the printer and the computer on to see if the error has been fixed or not.
  2. Examine the conditions of the ink cartridges – Sometimes due to improper installation of the ink cartridges there can be some error, so make sure to check if the ink cartridges and paper roller are correctly installed or not. Also, check whether the cartridges are empty or not if they are empty then install a new cartridge.
  3. Remember to examine whether the software of the printer is correctly installed or not – If the printer does not work even after you have installed the software or due to some reason if the software gets corrupted and does not start then, the best thing to do is to first uninstall the software and then reinstall the software.
  4. Look for the error in the printer monitor or on the printer status in the operating system – When there is an error in an HP printer then that error is displayed on the screen in the printer or in Windows go to the “printer icon” present on the “system tray” and look if there is an error mentioned in the “status” section of the printing queue. Try to “cancel” some entries in the queue and see if the error is cleared or not.


In the conclusion of this article, all I can say is only one thing which would be that follow this article accordingly as it is and if you have any problems or issues related to the problems or issues that are given above follow the steps above for a specific problem. So, if there are more issues other than the issues stated in the article then post that question in the comment section. For more information, about the printer issues and to get a solution to the problems, contact HP customer service.


Fixing issues in AOL mail

AOL is a brand that we all known that lies in the field of Information Technology. The following article will contain the steps for removing your worries and signing in to your AOL mail smoothly. The queries seeking anything else easily be checked in AOL Support.


AOL, also known as AOL Inc., primarily boasts itself as a web portal and a provider of online service. AOL also expanded itself now, to scintillate as a company providing e-mail, instant messenger and even a web browser of AOL itself. The mail provided by AOL is extremely stable and provides its users with a fast and efficient platform for communication. However, among the most noted difficulties found among us is not being able to sign in successful to the AOL mail. This article thus is designed in a comprehensible style via step by step guidance to sign in to your AOL mail without difficulty.

Problems to sign in:

If you cannot access the AOL mail. We have detected one among these alerts:

  • Either, “We’ve detected unusual activity”
  • or, “Your Username or Password is incorrect”.

The password resets way: These issues are mainly noticed if the system thinks that our account is vulnerable. All you need to do generally in these cases is to reset your password.

You can easily visit AOL Customer Support to help you. This is quite a commonplace thing to practice and try out yourself but if a need arises, you can easily visit the tech support of AOL.

Setting the security setting of your browser to default:

 Check the setting of your browser that is being used.

The browser version, after it is known, the browser is to be set in proper in its “Security Settings” You can try now to sign in again.

The browser is to be cleared off with respect to its cache, cookies, history and the footprints.

 Try to clear all your cookies, caches and history which are stored in the browser.

 You can make an attempt to sign in again.

Website cookies, caches from the different search results of our browser and the footprints accumulated by our browser are to be tidied up for various reasons like:

 The temporary files and the cookies of various websites are always stored by our browser to reduce the time of loading, to remove all the hassles of a user in terms of the remembering of the passwords, but all these cloggings of data can mess with the other functionalities.

Clearing all of this history in the form of data, can easily minimalise the amount of data and thus, revamp the user experience at large.

AOL Tech Support can help you if you’re stuck in any of these processes or in any other way.